What we managed to achieve in only 21 Days!

The lockdown period is almost like being grounded for all the things you were never caught doing in the past! And it’s exactly this light humour that has kept many people going.

Our team took it a step further with our 21 Day Challenge – the goal was to bring positivity to a difficult situation through self-development.

To make this period bearable for our larger community, we also shared ways to keep busy during the lockdown, effectively working remotely, financial and health tips and family activities.

Our team embarked on their own 21 Day journey and these were some of the challenges we done: Typewriting, Speed Reading, Language improvement, Fitness, a variety of courses relating to Software & Design, as well as having more effective and impactful meetings.

As you can see, our interests are all diverse with each skill making a vital contribution to our company and ourselves.

What was our motivation?

We faced many obstacles like time constraints, family obligations and household chores, late night eating habits, struggling to stay in the right frame of mind and a general desire to be outdoors. But our desire to persevere was much stronger!

Our motivation was driven by our families, a willingness to reach greater heights, the support of our team, and seeing the strides we were making by monitoring daily progress.

What were we looking to achieve?

Each team member had their own goals. For some, this meant learning or improving skills and knowledge. For others, it meant improving stamina through exercise, achieving the ability to type faster and putting learning into practice in the workplace. Collectively, the aim was to be more efficient and productive on a personal and professional level.

The way moving forward

This challenge has become a stepping stone to everything we have yet to achieve. Learning never stops and putting these positive habits into practice in our daily lives will certainly be beneficial.

Thank you to each person who participated in this challenge with us. Small and consistent changes are the key to great long-term results and if you believe you can achieve something, you’re already halfway there!