Do you believe in second chances? It seems as if this national lockdown is another opportunity to rethink your New Year’s Resolution or improve on a skill that you’ve been meaning to do. Now’s your chance to actually carry through with it.

During these 21 days of lockdown, we are challenging you to choose one resolution, skill or habit and practice it every single day to build positive habits. Whether it takes a minute or an hour of your day, the most important part is that you remain consistent.

Choose a member in your family or friend circle to monitor your progress. This can be done digitally, or in your household. We are your virtual support and will make sure to check up regularly and share motivational messages and tips to keep you going.

Whether it’s spending more time with your family, learning to cook, learning a new language, exercising or practising gratitude – the options are endless! You get to decide on what you’ll do.

We have filtered through a few ideas or suggestions for you:

Mental health: Practising meditation

Health & Fitness: Weight-loss, learning self-defence, yoga, drinking more water, cutting out sugar

Personal development: Reading, cooking, IT-related courses, learning a new language, playing an instrument

Personal skills: Practising gratitude, stop procrastination, learn how to multi-task

Family-related: Spending more time with your spouse/children

As a team, we will also be joining this 21 day challenge and will support one another in our personal progression. This is an important initiative that encourages self-reflection. We need to make the most of this negative situation, and find the positivity in it. It starts with taking that first step.

We are a community. So let’s make strides as human beings… together!