Google Adwords is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your products and services online. With top of the page exposure and a great product to sell what could go wrong? Here are a few thoughts on where you could go wrong.

Set-up and keyword research

In our experience, we have encountered set-up issues on almost all AdWords campaigns we have taken over. It’s very easy to think a section is not applicable and in the next breath have people from Ireland calling your office for print work.  This is not ideal, ensuring your setup is 100% is the first step to a successful campaign, ensure to check the countries your bidding on. Keyword and phrase research is essential to succeeding; ensuring you are bidding on your industry relevant keywords is what closes deals. For example: You sell carpets, what would a person looking to purchase carpets type into Google?

A: Carpet designs

B: Carpets for sale

If you said B you are right. So bidding on the words Carpet designs won’t ensure your reaching the consumers who are looking to purchase your product. Keyword research is not a once off job, it needs to be done constantly, ensuring you are always reaching a buyer’s market.

Google Analytics

This is a powerful free analysing tool powered by Google. Using Google analytics you will be able to see if your current keywords and set-up is showing results. Make use of this tool to see where people are buying from along with who. Google has developed the program to show you exactly who you should target and exactly where you’re wasting your budget. Companies often don’t make use of this tool and in the end, lose lots of money because they are not analysing their current strategy. These clients are left saying it didn’t work for me, but asimple analysis using this brilliant tool could have taken the AdWords campaign in a totally different direction.

Hiring a reputable company to oversee your AdWords campaign comes highly recommended, because companies such as WebSightSEO have vast experience in the field. Doing this ensures that you don’t waste any budget on a campaign that will not give you results. Contact us today for a free analysis.