Online Marketing has been around since the early 1980’s when computers were first able to store large amounts of data. Evidently, with a market born comes a need to advertise the solution, and with this an industry was born.

For the first 10 years, it was not clear at all to what extent internet marketing would grow, if we consider that in the early 90’s one of the Ts and Cs of using the internet was “use for commercial activities by for-profit in1978pstitutions is generally not acceptable”. It becomes evident that marketing your business online almost didn’t happen. Then in 1991 when Gopher (the first online search engine) was released online marketing had a solid future with the first online ad being sold by Global Network Navigator (GNN) in 1993, there was no stopping the evolution of online marketing.

In 1994 with the launch of Yahoo and increased understanding of the World Wide Web, internet usage grew drastically. With more people making use of the internet there became an increased market for advertising on the internet.

Email Marketing

Let’s discuss in various types of internet , the first effective form of advertising that was widely used was Email. In 1978 a marketer from a private company manufacturing computers sent an email to a specific group of people adve1978ortising a showcase of the new computer they were launching. Then there was email marketing, this was the main form of online advertising for almost a full decade. With the evolution of the internet, this is now known as spam and has many rules and regulations to ensure our email inboxes are not flooded with unnecessary information.

Display Ads

Once spam started hitting our inboxes it became clear that marketers needed to begin to think outside the box. Also people began to see the gap in the online marketing world. This is when the age of display ads began; this was in the early 1990s. When people saw the potential for extra income and started offering display ad spaces on their websites. It was during this period that Global Network Navigator sold the first clickable ad in 1993 to a Silicon Valley law firm. By 1994 online banners had become an industry must. Since this age display ads have only become more sophisticated and attractive.

Search Ads and PPC ads1978

Did you know Google AdWords dates back as far as 2000? It has only in the past 5 years really taken off and become a company must in most industries. Before this companies only made use of SEO specialists such as WebsightSEO to increase their organic rankings on various search engines. This is a very important part of online advertising that truly revolutionised what the purpose of search engines are. This has evolved and yearly it changes, based on the algorithm changes and in recent years these search engines are programed to only show results you are interested in based on what your general online activity has been in recent times. PPC ads are highly valuable to businesses as long as they are campaigning for the correct phrases and keywords. This form of advertising is here to stay, and we highly recommend companies make use of this.

The sky is the limit

Internet marketing has truly has evolved in the past 30 years. From a concept that was not even thought out properly to a booming industry of its own. It’s safe to say that online marketing is still a baby in the world of business but yet it’s vital that companies like WebSightSEO exist, to ensure companies stay on top of their game and keep evolving marketing, in the world that is the internet!