1. 2 grown men had a fist fight over the last PlayStation 2 on special
  2. A lady claims a small child bit her on the ankle for taking the last Lego set
  3. A couple met on Black Friday in the electronics isle after discussing what microwaves the man should buy.
  4. A Walmart employee witnessed a lady throw a camera and nearly hit a guy in the head with it.”
  5. Another man claims that an elderly lady knocked me out on Black Friday with her handbag over a lamp
  6. There have been claims that security guards have been assaulted by people standing in queues and mistaking them for being customers and jumping the queue
  7. Sam’s Club owner said during the madness one black Friday morning, they caught a woman stuffing the inside of her pants with frozen lobster tails. She would unpack them and throw the trash in a stack of tires that were on display.

Our personal favourites

  1. This is Annes account of a Black Friday funny “A few years ago I was working at a department store at the mall. It’s full of crazies every other day of the year, but Black Friday really brings out the best. While doing my rounds of the store, picking up merchandise, redressing mannequins and basically just being a verbal punching bad for rude people. I smelled it: Human faeces. I called over a coworker, who immediately recognised the stench, and we had to find it. It was a used diaper under a display bed! Someone changed their baby and hid the diaper! What is wrong with people??”
  1. Chelseah’s story had us in stitches “I worked at a lotion store for Black Thanksgiving/Friday. I had a woman throw an absolute hissy fit because we were sold out of her favourite holiday lotion. She started throwing those giant three-wick candles — she threw at least ten.Then she flipped a table filled with lotion and started stepping on the bottles. The store’s floor was covered in lotion and broken glass! I was the lucky employee who got to clean it up.”
  1. Want to find your wife at a shopping mall. Follow these simple steps:
  • Find a lady – say “Excuse me, can you help me? I cannot see my wife, and I know that she is in here somewhere. Can you just talk to me for a couple of minutes?”
  • Lady: “Why?”
  • You reply: “Because every time I talked to a beautiful woman, my wife materialises out of thin air.”

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