A ticking time BOOM: how we boosted brand awareness in less than 1 month!

About the client

The Butcher’s Market is a fairly new, first of its kind, Halaal Butchery Store that started out in Mitchell’s Plain. With its modern finishes, fresh produce and quality service- it has sprung into a beloved local brand with a growing fan-base of ‘meat loving’ customers.

Although its roots were founded in the heart of one of Cape Town’s largest suburbs, it was time to expand and branch out across the Mother City to bring its fine Halaal meat to more families, friends and meat-lovers across the city. And thus, the Butcher Shoppe Bellville is introduced as the brand’s all new and bigger family store branch.

The challenge

Although we had previously done great work for the original Mitchells’ Plain branch; the Bellville store had no social media pages, presence or followers. We needed to create a fresh new start for a brand new branch which offered more products and targeted a different audience.

Alas, the task didn’t end just there. The client’s goal was to run a successful social media campaign that increased foot traffic to store and boosted brand awareness in less than 30 days. With time ticking, we had to act fast.

Since the client is familiar with our work and achievements, we were given full creative freedom to develop and execute strategies for the project. This definitely worked in our favour since the team felt extra motivated to GO BIG.

Our plan of action and results

Naturally, we drew from our experience working with 3 butchery and food market brands. The team had the upper-hand in expertise, but needed to work quickly and meticulously to ensure that the client saw results.

So let’s take a look at a few of the key strategies we implemented for the Butcher Shoppe Bellville’s social media campaign which rendered great triumph.

Competitions for a boost of brand awareness

Everyone loves a good competition and almost every South African, loves their braai. We acted on this passion and ran 2 major competitions for the Butcher Shoppe Bellville to get the ‘social talk traction’ going on the brand. It definitely did because the brand’s competitions alone saw over 14 000 people being reached with more than 8 000 reactions, comments and shares.

Building a database

This was definitely one for the books. With less than 3 days to go to launch date, we developed a solid database for the client’s email marketing. This was linked to a timed promotion we ran on social media where the first 100 subscribers won free 1kg sausage of their choice. But, the clock didn’t tick for too long because in just about 45 minutes, we managed to secure more than 100 subscribers from an organic promotion post.

Building a loyal audience and following

Today, the Butcher Shoppe Bellville has over 1664 page likes on Facebook and is soon approaching its 500 following benchmark on Instagram.

At the end of the campaign, the brand generated over 4.7 thousand shares in just under 1 month. With over 9079% engagement rates, the brand’s ‘meat-loving’ audience continues to show us just how much they love the Butcher Shoppe Bellville. From thousands of reactions, comments and shares we witnessed the pouring out of love for the brand on its social media pages.

The launch of the Butcher Shoppe Bellville’s new family store was undoubtedly a success. We witnessed first-hand what a BIG impact the social media campaign created as we tagged along on opening day to check out the live action of thousands of meat-lovers enter through the doors. The team’s great work pulled off as we took the brand from invisible to unmissable.