Social Media has become such an integral part in the modern world. With an effective social media marketing, you can increase sales, build a brand or business and target the right audience. It has become an effective platform for marketing.

Below we shall look at the top 7 social media sites and some interesting stats:


Facebook is the most popular social networking site with the largest number of user. There are approximately 1.44 Billion monthly active users. There are more than 1 million businesses on this platform that are advertising and marketing there brand/business.


Twitter is a huge platform with over 302 million monthly active users.

Posting links on twitter is a great way to increase CTRs (Click Through Rate) which in turn help your website ranking.

Twitter is great when it comes to dealing with complaints or helping people find out more information.


LinkedIn has 300 million monthly active users. LinkedIn is where you will find the world’s largest group of professional. You can easily target the right people to build a community and grow your follower base.

  1. GOOGLE +

Google is one of the most powerful and largest search engines. In order to utilize Google’s toolkit you need to have a google + account.  Google + has 540 Million monthly active users. To perform better in Search Engines (SEO) it’s important to have this social network.


Do you think that video would capture the attention of your prospects or portray you message more effectively? If your answer is yes then you should be on this platform. YouTube is a video hosting social network with more than 1 Billion monthly active users.