One of the most debated question now a days is: why my business needs an SEO? Is that even a topic that needs an explanation? Really?

Why even bother having a website if you are not utilising it to its optimal?

Let’s dive right into an ocean of reasoning and try to understand why and how an SEO can help your business grow.

“Googlers” have a tendency of trusting the results that show up on the 1st and 2nd page of search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc).

Every business owner likes the idea of making money while they are sleeping, isn’t it? Well, good SEO campaign does just that for you. It brings the inquiries and sales to your storefront.


Needless to say that it increases the brand awareness and online presence of your business within the online community. Oh, and by the way, study shows that there are more than 2 BILLION queries made everyday on Google. Yes, 2 bn queries EVERYDAY, on Google alone. Would this not be the biggest platform you have ever advertised your brand on?

Advertising on mainstream platforms such as television, radios, the outdated yellow books (which nobody cares about anymore) for a limited period of time can cost you a fortune. Advertising on tv or radio for a couple of minutes can cost you in millions.

If you are a small to medium business, surely it is not affordable to advertise the business on these platforms. Besides, if consumers can find you on Google then what’s the need of advertising on TV or radio? Ranking on the first page for your targeted keywords simply means that you are advertising your business on Google 24*7. And guess what? You are not paying a penny to Google for this advertisement.

Ranking on Google for a targeted keywords also means that you going to get more relevant traffic. The relevant traffic is likely to get you more conversions as the person is showing an intent of buying/purchasing the services/products your business has to offer.

For example, if a person types in ” Buy Carpets ” or “Carpet Shop in Cape Town” he/she is showing an interest in purchasing a Carpet. This leads to my next reason why business needs an SEO.

Your Competitors are stealing YOUR clientele:

In this highly competitive age, it is impossible to be the lone rider in the market. Your competitors are out there, ranking on the first page of Google. Imagine your consumers are purchasing or inquiring about the services you offer to them by your competitor. Why would you let this happen? They are supposed to be your client or probably were your client a while ago but now they moved over to your competitors because they did not find you on the first page of Google.


It hurts, doesn’t it? Losing a client base is the most hurting element for any business. If the competitors haven’t got there yet then this is a great opportunity to get ahead of the pack. as the saying goes “Criticize me when you reach my level, meanwhile, ADMIRE ME”. Staying ahead in competition means you are set to dominate the first page of Google.

Consumers are finding your competitor’s front store because you haven’t invested in this channel.

Okay, enough of why, lets also talk about How?

In nutshell, your business will require the followings;

1. A website, which is web responsive and mobile friendly. This might come as a surprise but it is a fact that 65% of South African businesses don’t have a website.

2. Well Experienced SEO Company. Bare in mind that the money invested in SEO is not a cost, it is rather an investment. Investing in SEO is what will get you all the benefits mentioned above.

3. Trust & Cooperation: Trust the SEO company you have hired and co-operate with them as much as possible. Always provide the factual and accurate information to the hired company as it will help them design more effective SEO Campaign.

Getting to number one is far more easier than staying at the top.

If you still not convinced that the business needs an SEO then….

May Google Bless you !