Yes, I said it, 16 can you believe it! Google Ads services has been around for 16 whole years already, you probably only really became aware of it around 2005, but its early days were just like any other new project, trial error and eventually a great product with a strong foundation that has grown from strength to strength and is now possibly the leading form of paid advertising on the internet today.

Some history

On the 23rd October 2000 Google Adss launches with only 350 clients. At first, Google managed the campaigns themselves, users would pay a set monthly fee. Google soon thereafter started a self-help portal for small businesses wishing to run their own accounts. By 2005 Google had to set up a call center to help assist users with their campaign management, this was called Google’s Jumpstart.

Google Ads was steadily growing and with this came business growth potential, not just at Google but throughout the marketing industry. Google Ads quickly became one of Google’s main sources of income. Google then brought the Google Advertising Professional (GAP) Program, to ensure consistency and best practices were being used when making use of Google’s Ads.

Ad Structure

Google has kept their Ads short with heading characters limited to 25 and then a mere 35 thereafter for all additional info the advertisers want their market to know. This keeps the consumer more engaged as they don’t have to thaw through mass content to know exactly what the site has to offer.

Google Ads also allows you to target certain countries, therefore giving you the opportunity to sell your products or services to global markets. Giving you the chance to export your brand worldwide. further increasing your companies profit margins.

Home of Google Ads

California is the home of the Google Ads engineering team, with an additional 5 other offices based throughout the world. This is clearly a thriving part of online marketing and should only continue to grow and evolve as time goes on.

Bidding on keywords

This is just like an auction and people let Google know exactly how much they willing to bid on their chosen industry specific keywords. Google then sells at the highest bided price to all the people who want the keyword. Like any auction the more popular the phrase or keyword is the higher the price is. Google runs these “auctions” billions of times a month.

Going Live

Your Ad then goes through various quality checks from Google, this is based on the structure of your Advert, the words used and relevance to what the end user is searching. Your Ad is then made live in the SERPS of relevant searches. You do not pay for your Ad to be seen on the home page; you pay per person clicking on your Ad. This is a great way to ensure your increasing traffic, therefore improving brand awareness and ultimately upping your sales.

So one thing is for sure Ads is still relatively young and is not going anywhere. All companies can benefit from investing into a Google AdWords campaign. Be sure to monitor your campaigns closely as to not waste any of your funds on phrases and keywords that won’t convert to sales. If you want professional help and advice contact WebSightSEO today. Happy Birthday AdWords!