The end of March has seen some big updates to the Google local scene. This no doubt is because recent studies have shown that android is surpassing Microsoft in the latest OS market share index. In short this means more people are turning to their smart phone to do things they once did on their PC. Let’s take a closer look at these changes.

Send your Location

Google maps now allows you to share your location with your contacts. This can be done via SMS, email or any of your major apps on your phone. It seems Google creates a link of your location on their maps, you then send this link to your friend and they are able to click the link and get directions to your locations.

Okay so what’s the big deal then? I mean you can send your location on many apps these days. Well there is one very big difference with Google’s version of location share. Google Maps allows you to share your location with certain contacts for a period of time. Yes you heard me right you can follow your people around.

Below is a layout on how it works:

Google local

Google local 1


Now what to expect when you receive the location

google local 2

So as you can see its simple enough to now stalk people provided you get access to their phone. It will be interesting to see what this feature does to society as a whole. This really is a game changer. Let us know your thought on this new Google Maps feature.


We all saw the Pac-Man April Fools prank again this year, seems Google was just teasing us once again as the Pac-Man feature has once again been disabled. We can only hope that Google will one day stop teasing us and leave this awesome feature for life.

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