Running a SEO company, we have to ensure we stay up to date and look ahead for all kinds of online updates, algorithm changes, and trending strategies. In this blog we will run through the main change YOU NEED TO KNOW for 2017 thus far.

On average Google runs about 500 algorithms updates a year. While most are minor changes between this there are important updates that you need to know to ensure it doesn’t affect your rankings. A way to avoid being flagged by Google is to ensure you follow these updates and continuously assess your digital strategy to fit with these online changes.

2017 has seen Google cracking down “intrusive interstitials”, to help improve mobile user experience. Now you might be wondering what this is. In simple terms, when you download something or try to play a game and a popup comes in that’s a “intrusive interstitials”

Google has said that if you do not conform to these changes your sites rankings will be penalized. Like most things in life you get various versions of intrusive interstitials. Below are images that clearly explain what Google will no longer accept.

This update is to ensure that people visiting various sites don’t get bombarded with spam and information they don’t really want or need, overall improving user experience across all mobile platforms. Google is specifying mobile ads because a mobile screen is limited with space as is, and have found that users get frustrated with having to close intrusive popups before being able to access their desired page.

Be sure to consult your marketing team so that your 2017 marketing strategy complies with Google’s Ts and Cs. This will only be coming into effect strictly from June/July 2017. If you are not sure if your website is meeting Google’s guidelines, contact WebSightSEO today for a consultation. Otherwise follow our social platforms so you can see our next vlog, where we will speak in detail about this and other updates.