“I just want to develop a website which is simple enough to have my brand visible over the internet” said a business owner.

Are you kidding me? Today, having a simple brand on the internet does “nothing”. That would purely mean to place an A4 paper on your office door which is located in one of the most busiest town.

Even a google bots would be embarrassed to crawl through.

Lets break it down.

  1. Your simple website would be part of the 1 billion websites from all around the world with all types of content. From that batch, some are really well optimised with rich written content which google supposedly loves.
  2. Really well written content and optimised websites have taken a step further to even ensure responsiveness is taken care of.

Responsiveness, to be able to view the same website on all types of screens from desktops to mobile devices.

  1. Related topic to responsiveness is mobile friendly. Oh yeah, google loves this one the most.
  2. Why? Think about it, google wants to ensure the content it filtered for its users, is clean and well written which weights well worth looking at:
    • The convenient is the cherry on top for the Googlers.
    • A Googler will be able view his/her favourite website or e-commerce website via a mobile device, instead of sitting at a desk or having a bulky device on your lap.
    • Same goes with reading your latest corruption from some of our politicians.
    • There are lots of advantages to the mobile friendly website of your business than disadvantage, I really do mean that.
  3. Looking at all the positives, google tends to love the mobile now days, so why not just feed the “pet” what it needs.
  4. I see it as an opportunity for the business:
    • Businesses have direct access to marketing its brand to a mobile screen which is almost guaranteed to have a positive response. I mean, at least your product will be viewed.
    • Having your brand exposed via mobile is the best “bait” you can have for your potential clients.
    • When Googlers are searching for a product and you happen to stock that product; guess who will be clicking on your product. Okay its not that simple but yes, potential is surly there.
    • This is the best opportunity to get to know your competitors, using the power of Search Engine optimisation