Since starting Google Adwords management, we have come across so many companies that are being denied access to their AdWords accounts, they are being given various reasons, and we can tell you right now, that is not in good practice! As a marketing company it’s important that clients feel safe as though their best interest matters to us.

WebSightSEO’s core values as a business are to be ethical, fair and 100% transparent with our clients. At any moment our clients are able to login to their various accounts and see exactly what we are doing, how we are doing it and what we are spending on their campaigns. We decided to clear the air on this “we can’t give you access to you Google AdWords campaign as it’s under our account” This in fact is not a true statement, how come? Let us explain to you how exactly an AdWords Campaign is run from start to finish.

Connecting accounts

We have a business AdWords account; this account allows us to manage various Google AdWords clients under one convenient platform. Under this platform we then integrate clients AdWords platforms, our clients control exactly what access level we get. We then run the campaign from start to finish under the clients AdWords account. Should a client decide to manage their own campaign, client then revokes our management profile from their personal AdWords profile, and there you go, client has their own account back and our account is not affected in anyway.

Bidding on keywords Improve Your Google Ads Campaign Performance

Google has made it relatively simple to plan out your campaign, the most vital part is deciding which keywords to bid on and the keyword types, so should Google match your keyword broadly, exact or phrase match. This is where your chosen campaign management team plays a vital part, if these selections are not made through extensive research and a proper plan has been thought out, your AdWords budget will not be fruitful. In hindsight you will be wasting your time and money.

Ask for detailed reports

Google AdWords has a beautiful reporting system. They have really made it so easy to understand exactly where your money went and from these reports you are able to see what is working for you and what is not. These reports show you exactly where your AdWords budget has been spent. Your chosen AdWords company should once again have no issues in gigoogle ads servicesving you this extensive google report straight from Google. We recommend you only accept your reports straight from Google AdWords, this is easily downloaded from the campaign page as a PDF or PNG! This ensures no changes are made to figures and stats.

In closing

We understand that in an industry you know nothing about we are bound to put our trust into the fore runner of the market, but the fact is simple, they are not always looking out for their client’s best interests and not motivated to run successful google ads campaigns. WebSightSEO’s AdWords team comes highly recommended; we have cleaned up various campaigns and our clients where able to see immediate results! This is what we aim to achieve. This is what marketing is about, increased value to the company.

If you are unsure about how your campaign is being managed, pop us a mail we will gladly assess your campaign giving you tips and pointers along the way. If you do not have an AdWords campaign and are considering starting one Contact WebSightSEO today for a proposal.