With the increasing rise of businesses using SEO strategies to encourage brand awareness, it’s becoming more important to maintain a successful ranking on both desktop and mobile SEO platforms.

The most common question asked is: What is the difference between the two, and how will it benefit my business?

The goal of any website should be to meet the expectations of the user. If your website contains simple content, navigates easily and has fast speed, visitors will gravitate towards it. This experience is necessary in both forms of SEO, where users should be able to efficiently search for what they need.


The strategies to achieve this will differ in mobile and desktop SEO because of the different browsing behaviours for each type. On mobile, users tend to focus on convenient and quick browsing, often scanning to retrieve information. The portability of their cell-phone devices means that they’ll be looking quickly for prices and phone numbers.

On the other hand, desktop search engine results pages (SERPs) display much more information. The effect of this is that people who are using computers and laptops will spend more time looking for results and finding information.

Content therefore plays a significant role in both types. It’s important that the content remains short and punchy for mobile sites, with visible call to action buttons. These visitors will essentially use shorter keyword phrases for their searches, so descriptions would need to also be kept short.

Screen size

This significantly impacts the viewing experience, and SEO strategies need to be altered accordingly for both mobile and desktop. For mobile platforms, the screen allows around 5 results on a page. Whereas for desktop, the search results would be around 10 results on a page.

People navigating on mobile will generally scan results on the first page because of time constraints. Due to the small screen size, results pages will be simplified and the proper SEO Services strategies can ensure that your business has that top ranking.

It can be seen that the visitor experience is crucial to a successful business. To expand your business to suit a mobile search audience, it’s critical to know the audience behaviour, limitations and understand which SEO strategies work best to drive your business to a high ranking status. With this being said, incorporating mobile and desktop SEO will show your audience that your business is versatile to their needs.