Social Media Management Strategy Trends

As we promised here is an extended version of the Do’s and Don’ts of social media marketing, better explaining exactly what we meant in each point last week.

DOs Of Social Media

      • Frequently post on your various social platforms

Thursdays and Fridays get the best post engagement; however, you should aim to post daily.

      • Post relevant content

Posting relevant content adds value to the conversion and positions the brand as a trusted adviser.

      • Share content from 3rdparties

What you share on your social platforms says a great deal about your brand. Curating content from a diverse source of trusted 3rd parties will garner more respect and attention from followers.

      • Share your company’s success stories

Storytelling is a powerful technique for building relationships. It brings people together and keeps them engaged.

      • Do interact with your followers, encourage engagement on your posts

Ask questions and ask for opinions. People love to share their thoughts. If you want your followers to be engaged respond to comments even if it’s a simple thank you.

      • Do answer every question posted, tweeted or messaged to you. In a timely way.

Answer every question and say thank you to your followers for sharing your content. Remember people are helping you by promoting your content.

      • Do aim for ongoing engagement with your audience. This brings them back to your page.

If you want your brand to stand out, aim for ongoing engagement. Start conversations, don’t just ask questions.

      • Do build an audience using different social networking sites, blogs, and face-to-face interactions.

People love to have a conversation with someone. The companies that do well on social media are the ones that put a “face” to their brands.

      • Do publish content that encourages sharing

Empower people to share, because people love to share. After all, it is social media.

      • Do publish content that is mobile-friendly

People now spend 2.8 hours accessing digital media using a mobile device, while only 2.4 hours a day using desktops or laptop computer.

      • Do connect your social strategy to organizational objectives but be sure to Use platforms that support your marketing goals

Have a clear idea of what you want your social media to do for you. Having a plan will ensure that your social media strategy works.

      • Do share trending content about your industry

Keep up with current trends and share those into your newsfeeds. People react quickly.

      • Create your own hashtags for your brand, campaign or event.

Create your own hashtags. This way people will be able to relate to you using your Hashtags.

DON’Ts Of Social Media

      • Don’t forget to use visuals

Photos and videos can boost your social media strategy.

      • Don’t be afraid to have fun!

Social media is about having fun. Everything is not about your brand. Link to things that are relevant and interesting to your company.

      • Don’t shy away from new tactics

Try new tactics and new strategies. It’s all about trial and error.

      • Don’t ignore audience inquiries

One of the worst things that you can do is ignoring your audience. Simply refusing to answer or ignoring audience is a big marketing fail.

      • Don’t depend solely on paid advertising to build an audience

Sure you will get the likes through paid advertising but it won’t get you the engagement, the interaction, and connection with people.

      • Don’t turn down opportunities to continue engaging

Continuous engagement is key. This will help you build connections just like you would in person.

      • Don’t publish pixelated images

Don’t publish pixelated images. This will turn your followers off and people won’t worry to have a look at your content. Make sure your images are optimized and clear when posting on any social media platform.

      • Don’t try to be on EVERY social media platform that exists.

Not every social media platform will work for everyone. See which social platforms are best suited for your type of industry.

      • Don’t expect people to love all your stuff

Not everything you post on social media will be liked by your followers. People only like what they want to. So don’t expect everyone to like your content all the time. It’s part of social media.

      • Don’t make hashtags too long

If you are creating a branded hashtag you should try and keep it short and sweet. No one will use long hashtags because people just don’t want to type in that many characters.

      • Don’t hashtag every word in your caption/messaging

Hashtags are used to make things easier to find. Don’t turn every word in your post into a hashtag. That’s abuse. Focus rather on being more specific.

      • Don’t break your hashtags with symbols

Numbers and emojis are allowed in hashtags, but spaces and special characters, such as @ or $, won’t work.

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