A Boost of Brand Awareness with a Website Revamp and Social Media Marketing

About the client

Double “O” is a unique South African soft- drink brand born in the heart of Cape Town. Since its establishment in 1934, it has grown into a popular soft-drink company, loved by many South Africans for its quality and affordability.

The challenge

Although their soft- drinks continue to be household favourites, their online presence was falling behind. Their existing website was stagnant, out of date and lacked the engagement they wanted from customers. On the social media side of things; the problem was the same.

The challenge was pretty clear. The client wanted a complete website revamp with an emphasis on brand awareness; one that would tell their story and keep customers updated with what the brand was doing in local communities. In terms of social media marketing, the client wanted us to take over their profiles completely and focus on harnessing engagement as well as bringing communities together through local events.

Our plan of action

Our first priority was to recreate the client’s website. For the design, we chose brighter colour schemes and images that added a fresh and polished look. We hired a professional photographer for excellent quality images of the client’s products, factory and staff members which we then showcased in their website gallery. Our graphic design team was tasked with creating new banners for the site that added a fun and dynamic look and feel.

On the content side of things, we emphasised brand awareness by applying a story- telling approach to promote the brand’s history, news as well as galleries that featured everything from their recent solar power production initiative to their involvement in local community events. We decided on fun and relevant monthly gamifications to peak their social media engagement. The team also added some catchy branded hashtags into their posts along with trending observance-day based content.

The results

The results speak for themselves. Double “O” Facebook page has over 6 thousand loyal followers with consistent positive audience engagement activity. It’s no doubt that the popular household favourite soft-drink brand has developed a great online community!

Client testimonial

“Since WebSightSEO has taken over our social platform we have seen our social following increase substantially. WebsightSEO has been so innovative when it comes to posting ideas which in return gets people to engage with us. They are always giving us fresh marketing ideas and great insight into how to improve and interact more with our market. We are happy that they are our chosen marketing company and look forward to a long business partnership with them.” – Dirshen, Double “O”